Gary Alan

As a graduate horticulturist with years of experience, Gary Alan’s quality work has brought outstanding recognition in the field of horticulture. Gary trained at his first job out of college, Walt Disney World in their Tree Farm Nursery in preparation of the EPCOT project soon to begin. After several years of valuable experience at Disney World, Gary began a TV program and was one of the pioneers on HGTV. Today he still does shows online as well as running his own landscape company in Jacksonville, FL.

The difference between Hardscaping and Softscaping

A lot of times when I’m talking with clients I use the terms “hardscaping” and “softscaping” to describe various aspects of a project. So what exactly does each term mean? Hardscaping is a term generally used by landscaping pros to describe walkways and patios we install to give homeowners easy access to their patios, backyards […]

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