5 Ways to Avoid Stinging Insects

It’s often by accident that we find ourselves being chased by a bee or wasp; usually it’s because they mistake us for a flower. Bees pollinate the flowers, and wasps and spiders dine on the bees and other insects that are attracted to flowers.

To avoid close encounters with these garden insects:

  1. Avoid wearing pink, red, or yellow “flowered colored” clothing in the yard. Stick to blue, green, and neutral colors like gray, and tan when doing yard work.
  2. Avoid using flowery scented perfumes, soap, or shampoo when working in the landscape.
  3. Work in the early hours of the morning or late evening when cooler temperatures make these cold blooded insects less active
  4. If you see a bee or wasp approaching, walk slowly away from it. Running or swatting it could trigger an attack.
  5. If a wasp nest or beehive is problematic, call a professional bee keeper to remove a hive, because many species of bees are threatened. Either call an exterminator to spray a wasp’s nest, or spray in the early morning or late evening. Repeat the spraying daily, and wait to remove the nest until you see no more wasps returning to it.
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