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For years Gary Alan has been one of the most popular landscape designer in America, first through his show The Designers Landscape seen on the early days of HGTV and on many PBS stations, and then through his many appearances at live events around the country.

Now Gary branches out into the online realm, with new episodes of his show, recorded episodes from the past (the techniques are as relevant now as they were when they aired!), live online events, question and answer segments and here on his website. All designed to give you the information you need to make your home landscaping projects a success!

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Front Yards

Your front yard is the very first thing people see, learn landscaping techniques to make it stand out in the crowd….learn more.

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Back Yards

A welcoming and inviting back yard landscape can bring you years of enjoyment and be your escape from life’s stresses….learn more.

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Using a well thought out landscape plan incorporated into your walkways and pathways makes them more inviting….learn more.



Gardens make your landscape colorful and inviting. Using them effectively in your design works….learn more.



Trees, both large and small, provide highly visible focal points for your landscaping project and plans….learn more.

Mulching Bed Around The House And Bushes, Wheelbarrel Along With A Showel.


Mulch comes in many different forms. But did you know you can use naturally organic mulch in your yard? learn more.

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